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DJ. Bobbi ft. Nyanda – Red Alert!

Edited by L3 Magazine

From the moment you hear this chune, you will do one of three things:  nod your head because the beat is infectious (and it just makes you want to move), think about what song your going to mix this song with or sing along to the hook!  Either way, playing this song will result in hands being thrown in the air!

Produced by Mashmella for Salt of the Earth and Tropic Electric, “Red Alert” uses a synthesized Marimba to hook us while Nyanda sings: “trying to fight it / was useless cause it had a hold on me / and every touch was like magic / to me like ecstasy / if it was wrong / how could it feel so right / how could I fall / for you in just one night / with every breath / I pull you deep inside / so I give in / I found it hard to resist / I sold my soul for a kiss ….”

If the females voice sounds familiar, it might be because you know her as Nyanda and remember her as being one half of the R&B / Reggae duo Brick and Lace, or you loved her chart-topping song “Cool and Deadly.”  Nyanda also carved a name for herself as a songwriter having written chunes for Kelly Rowland, Christina Aguilera and Wisin & Yandel featuring Jennifer Lopez.

“Red Alert” featuring Nyanda and DJ Bobbi is exclusively distributed by whose online portal features digital and physical distribution, marketing and artist consultation.

For your convenience, “Red Alter” has been attached to this email.  Connect with Nyanda on Instagram @nyandabnl | DJ Bobbi @vdjbobbi | Mashmella @seedmella

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