Jamdiggy Music Group announces Xotic Yeyo RELEASE NEW ALBUM, Chocolate Decadence

With yet another string added, Team Jamdiggy is so elated to drumbeat our proud partnership with THE “ Xotic Yeyo” Band. A name rapidly gaining crescendo and is already bold and loud on the local funk music scene. There couldn’t have been a better time of year to extend our digital partnership with this allegro music band, already in cruise control for 2018. With floor, breaking hits like “Disco Zombies”, “Heyo Yeyoand “You me and the funk” they pledge to redefine what’s been there since the 60s.

The Band consists of frontman and lead vocals Stu Sauce who is mad wicked on the guitar, Cody Orange the official drummer and neighborhood noisemaker and last but not least Rod Reiter on the Bass and backup vocals. The Yeyos are on a roll and within no time, Xotic yeyo will be doing some live dabs in your town.

We at Jamdiggy have envisioned rapid virality and we already see it rocketing towards the apex of billboards and nation charts. Direct streaming and buying for official Xotic Yeyo’s music are available via their website http://www.xoticyeyo.com , which will surely be xotic enough to turn your musical tentacles on.

And as a token of thanks to the early subscribers, the few early chirpers may get a chance to have tees and attire printed with the Xotic Yeyo logos and signatures and a free download of a bonus single.